66 Game and Activity Ideas for Your Man Cave?

A man cave is a place where you can feel the freedom that you once had. Whether you are single or have a family, a person needs a private space to relieve stress in any way they want. Some people build the ultimate game room for a man cave and fill it with all the things that they love. While some people, due to the lack of space, choose only one type of game that is special to them.

It does not matter if your man cave is your basement, or your whole apartment if you are single. The most important thing is that you are enjoying the place that you built for yourself. Here is a list of games and activities that apply to your precious space. It is divided into categories depending on the size of your man cave. It is fun to decorate your space with the things that you love. Items you had always wanted when you were a kid can be awesome to have when you are older.














If you have a small space, you can set up a theme for your cave. The first game you buy for your man cave will set the mood and ambiance of the overall man cave. All the decorations and additions will revolve on the theme you want.

 One example is a bar. If your theme is a bar or pub, you will want to have decorations of what you would usually see in a bar. You can put a sign of the name of your bar, an open sign, a water hose, and some reels. You get where I am going with this, but it is entirely up to you.

A bigger man cave can have multiple themes. Imagine you’re in a theme park like Disneyland. There are different sections with different themes, such as Pirates of the Caribbean, or Alice and Wonderland. Your man cave can have the same idea with different themes or articles. You can divide the PUB area with the home movie theatre area and create different designs.

You do not have to do any of this. I am only giving you some ideas. Anything you put in your man cave is entirely up to you. That is the bs thing about owning a man cave, you have complete control, and no one can tell you what to do. You are the boss!



A pool table is a common addition for man caves. A poll table might fit a medium-sized man cave. The standard size of the pool table is 8 feet. The cue stick is about 60 inches long so that you will need about 14 feet by 18 feet of free space for a play pool comfortably.


The official dart distance is 7 feet 9 ¼ inches. The standard size of the pool table is 8 feet. A medium man cave could fit a game of darts. You would have a safe distance to enjoy and play the game safely.


You can make a cigar room theme with a minibar even in a small man cave. However, it will depend if you will invite friends over. A little man cave could probably fit one or two of your friends. Make sure it is not too small, or you might suffocate.

  • BAR

A bar can either be in a small man cave or a big man cave. The size will depend on how many people will you accommodate. A bar area big enough for four people should be at least 112 by 105 inches. Don’t forget you will have to consider the other bar equipment and shelves.



The size of the TV should be fit for the distance of viewing. A TV that is too big will not give you the experience you are looking for. For 1080p TVs, the suggested interval for watching is the TV size multiplied by 2.5. If you have a 65-inch TV, the correct distance should be at 162.5 inches. (13 1/5 feet) 4K resolution TVs have a different formula. Instead of multiplying the TV size by 2.5, you multiply it by 1.5. The right distance for a 65-inch 4K UHD TV is 97.5 inches. (8 feet)


Playing console games is an excellent addition to your man cave. You can buy an entertainment center with multiple shelves and display all of your old gaming consoles. It can be like a mini-console museum. You will also need space for the games.


Depending on the size of your PC monitors, you can add this feature to the smaller man caves. For more massive man caves, you can add more PC units and play with your friends. You can play fun first-person shooters, Strategy games, and online RPGs together.


If you want to take your gaming up a notch, you can set up a VR room. You can purchase a VR TV or a VR headset for your PS4. Your man cave can be like you are literally escaping reality and going to a different world.


One remarkable man cave feature is adding classic arcade games like Pac-man or Pong. You can add any of the games you used to enjoy. You can probably put about one of these arcade games in a small man cave considering there is not much equipment inside.



Table tennis is an excellent activity for you and your friends can enjoy. You can also use the table for playing other party games such as beer pong. You can easily fold it to save space when not in use.


You and your friends can enjoy your fantasy football, baseball, or basketball leagues in your man cave while enjoying a drink and some snacks.


If you want to add a foosball table, you will need 12 by 6 feet of space to play comfortably. This distance is the ideal space you need for the foosball table alone.


Just like foosball, you can also buy an air hockey table set. It is a fun, competitive game you can play with your family or friends.


Depending on the size of your man cave, you can build more than one hole for miniature golf. You get to be creative with the obstacles and make it more fun. Happy putting!


You probably can’t put a full-sized basketball court or a half-court in your basement. What you can do is put up a hoop like the ones in the arcade or Chuck E. Cheese.


Some man caves have bowling lanes where they can enjoy playing a good game of bowling. If you have a bigger man cave, you can add more than one bowling lane.


You can add a soccer goal where you and your friends can play free kicks. It is gratifying and an excellent way to break a sweat.


Just like soccer, you can add a goal for hockey and enjoy shooting pucks at your friends. Make sure you don’t put anything valuable near the play area.


If you have a more significant area in your man cave, you can set up a mini field for archery. Make sure you have a suitable distance, so everyone is safe.



The space that you need for a recording studio in the man cave depends on the gear you have. A straightforward music studio consists of a computer and the essential equipment that fits on the desk.


A writing studio can be just like an office. You can set up a desk and chair. Writing studios can be unique; you can write on a couch with decorations that can inspire you.


A pure art studio can be small or big, depending on how big the pieces you plan on working on. If you paint on a canvass, you will need space for a stand and the canvass. Allow extra space for your finished pieces. You can also use a wall to hang some of them for display and save space.


Unlike a recording studio, a music rehearsal studio will require much more space and soundproofing. You will need space for drums, amplifiers, and instruments. A suitable place would be a basement or garage. Rehearsing in an apartment can cause too much noise for the other tenants.


A man cave can be a room for you to brainstorm projects. If you are planning to start up a company, the garage or a basement is an excellent way to start. Some of the largest companies today started in a garage or basement.


You can exhibit all of your precious belongings and memorabilia for people to see. You can be like your curator and design your man cave as a mini-museum.


You can set up the tone of your man cave to be a dance studio. It could be any dance like hip-hop, jazz, or even fitness dances. You can put large mirrors on the walls to make it look like an authentic dance studio for you and your crew.


If you have a podcast or want to start a podcast. You can set up your man cave with the right equipment to make podcasts. You can even make a studio where you can film the podcasts and turn them into VLOGS.


  • GYM

Your man cave can be a place where you can set up a gym for physical fitness. The physical activity can benefit your health and wellness, which is very important for your body. Depending on the size of your space, you can put a punching bag, a treadmill, and some weights.


If you are into fighting sports such as mixed martial arts, more massive man caves can even accommodate a full-sized octagon for real intense training. You would think that this is probably a little overboard, but some MMA enthusiasts have their octagons in their home gym.


Boxing is one of the best cardio workouts. Having a full-sized ring can up your fitness game to a whole new level. You can get a trainer and do a little sparring with your friends. I know this is a violent sport, but you can learn discipline by learning with a trainer.



The ideal poker playing area for a full game with 6-8 people is 9 by 9 feet. You can also get one of those conversions tables I listed in the recommended products section. The table can be converted from a pool table to a ping-pong and dining table. This table can be used as a card game table. All you need to do is add felt for the casino vibe.


Mahjong is a game for four people, so you would only need a little amount of space and a Mahjong set. It would be a perfect addition to your casino-themed man cave.


Slot machines are a perfect addition to your mini-casino. Nothing says gaming better than a casino-themed man cave. You and your friends can pretend you are in Las Vegas and enjoy the drinks and slots.


You can use the poker table that you have set up to play Blackjack. But if you want the full casino experience, you can buy multiple tables for different games.


A game of craps will require a different kind of table than poker or Blackjack. You can purchase a set including the dice and mat that is used for a game of Craps.


Just like Craps, you can purchase a Baccarat mat instead of buying a whole table. You can buy the felt carpet that is used in casinos that has the markings used in Baccarat.


Wouldn’t it be nice you had a Roulette wheel in your casino-themed man cave? It would look like you are playing in a real casino. You and your friends can dress up and have casino-themed parties in your man cave.



Pretend you are in the vineyard and do a little wine tasting. You can purchase decorations such as barrels of wine, the signage, and even serve cheese to look more authentic. The smell of fine wine can be very relaxing.


Given that you have set up the plumbing system in your basement getting a hot tub can make your man cave a place for relaxation. The relaxing jets and hot water is ideal, especially in areas with low temperatures.


You can build a sauna room for your spa-type man cave. If your goal is to relax, it is nice to have the means such as a personal sauna. Depending on the size of your man cave, you can choose if you want a private sauna or one that you can share. 


You can design your man cave as a relaxing place. Set the ambiance and scents that can make the area suitable for meditation. It is the perfect way to refresh your mind. You can play some relaxing music that will help you focus and go deep into meditation.


With the man cave designed for relaxation, you can also set up a place to do some stretches. Yoga is known to be an excellent way to relax and replenish your mind. Yoga is not only for a she shed; anyone can enjoy it.


If you have the budget for it, you can add an elevated swimming pool in your man cave. I specifically said elevated swimming pool, because digging up a subfloor for a pool will cost you a lot of money, and it may not be possible for some basements.


Aside from your Barcalounger, you can get a real massage chair. It is a fantastic appliance that can you can regularly use to relax all the sore muscles from work and any physical activity.



With a completed man cave, you can host themed dinner parties with your buddies. Depending on the theme you choose for your man cave, you and your friends can enjoy all the facilities you provide.


You can host the best murder mystery parties if you are getting creative. It is like playing real-life mystery video games. You have to be a little creative to set up the mystery. Some companies also do this kind of puzzles for you, with real actors.


You can enjoy all the classic board games you used to play as a kid. With enough space, you can purchase collections of the best board games. It is better if you still have those board games you played when you were a kid.


In your man cave, you can have parties with fun games like charades. I know it is called a man cave, but there is no reason for not inviting all your friends, including the women.


Jenga is an exciting game to play, but “GIANT JENGA” will multiply that excitement. With the extra space, you and your friends can play giant Jenga on game night.


Aren’t coffee shops relaxing? The aroma of the coffee beans and roasted coffee is very relaxing and pleasant. You can also turn your man cave into a coffee shop if you enjoy places like those.


Escape rooms are growing popular these days. The thrill and suspense of trying to escape a slasher will make you feel like you’re in a real movie. Once in a while, you and your friends can bring the escape room experience in your man cave.



If you like to do parkour, you can set up obstacles for practice in your man cave. You set up safety mats when you are practicing before going out to try your new moves.


You do not have to set up a full-sized skate park at home. If you like street skating, you can just set up a rail or platform to do your favorite tricks underground. If you are a skater, it would be so cool to have your very own skate spot in your man cave.


If you like skating a mini ramp, you can make one for your man cave, the size of the mini ramp will depend on the size of your basement. Some basements are finished off with higher ceilings, so it is possible to put up a mini ramp.


Having your very own Sundae or ice cream machine is fantastic. You can set up a bar for the toppings and enjoy ice cream anytime you want.


Yes! You read it right. A small rock-climbing wall is possible to build in a man cave. It does not have to be high, can be inclined so you can practice at home without a harness.


Brewing your beer is a great activity. All you need is a brewing starter kit and the right ingredients, and then you can start brewing your craft beer.


Trampolines are not only for kids. Adults can enjoy having a trampoline at home. I know I would. Make sure you have high ceilings so that you won’t bump your head.


Some people use the stairs to get to their basement. But wouldn’t it be cool if you had a firefighter pole to get to your basement. You can pretend you are a superhero going to your cave. Make sure you cover the hole and make a secret entrance.



You can set up the best audio system and DJ equipment for your parties. You can be a DJ at your party. It can be so much fun having mini raves at home. Just keep the noise down when it is getting late. It can be like a mini rave, with a few of your friends.


With your sound system, you can set up your man cave to be your very own club. With this setup, you can make your parties so much better even with a few of your favorite people. You can dance like you are in a real club or disco.


If you are not really into intense dancing and loud music, you can set up a ballroom floor for you and your wife, including all of your friends. You can slow dance and have low-key dinner parties. And right after, you can go back to use the man cave for your personal space.



For automotive purposes, your man cave will need space for your car or motorcycle and extra space for tools. You will also need a little bit of space to work on your project cars. A single garage space is 12’ by 22’. Multiplying that by ½ should be enough space to work with. 18 feet by 33 feet should be enough space to work on a single car or motorcycle.


Creating office space should not take much space. All you are going to need is space for an excellent desk and extra space for a minibar and couch. You can decorate the space for inspiration when you work at home. You can also turn a wall into a mini library for books.


If you are a bookworm, you must have a lot of books. You can turn a part of your man cave into a mini library depending on the number of books you have. You can add a bookshelf, and even put a secret door behind the bookshelf. The secret room could be a restroom or anything you want it to be.


If you like DIY projects, you can use your man cave to build all of your projects. You can buy a work stool and workbench. You can buy all of the power tools that you have always wanted. Your man cave will be your very own workshop.



A small man cave is either a cellar, a studio apartment or an extra room in the house. You can probably have one theme for a small man cave such as a PC gaming or recording studio. You would not have enough space for a pub-style man cave in a small area.


A medium-sized man cave can probably fit a small home theatre for gaming, but not a whole pool table.  With a pool table, you will need more space to play comfortably. A medium-sized man cave can be a garage or a much smaller basement.


A large man cave is a full basement, a big apartment, or a loft. With a more substantial amount of space, you can go full-on with the theme of your man cave. You can probably even do multiple themes, just like a theme park. It will cost a lot of money to set up, but I can assure you that satisfaction is guaranteed.


  • Vintage
  • Hollywood
  • Rock and Roll
  • Futuristic
  • Pub
  • Casino
  • Artsy
  • Game room
  • Sports
  • Yacht
  • Biker
  • Log cabin
  • Racer
  • Surfer
  • The 90s
  • Toys
  • Castle


If you are single, and you live in an apartment. You can turn that apartment to your man cave. Keep in mind that you do have neighbors, so you have to mind the noise. Depending on the size of your residence and the number of rooms, you can turn one place into a man cave. You can even set the whole apartment into a man cave. Make sure you don’t break anything and do permanent damage to the structure. You might not get your security deposit back.


A basement man cave is ideal because it lies underground. You can make noise while having fun with your friends. There are a lot more options in terms of games and structural design. Before finishing a basement, make sure you think of the design you want so you do not have to spend money on any remodeling if you change your mind.


A garage man cave can be the same as the basement man cave with the proper finishing touches. The benefit of having a garage man cave is that you can put cars in it if you enjoy working on vehicles or motorcycles for projects. If you are a car guy, the garage is the perfect place for your man cave. Also, if you don’t have a basement, the garage can be an option. The only downside is where to park your cars.


Men are not the only people who need private space. Women get stressed too. In fact, women have a lot more reason to have a place to relieve stress. Not only do they get stressed with their jobs, but they also experience PMS. It is one more reason for them to isolate themselves from reality’s problems. Here are some activities that women can enjoy in their she sheds.

  • Gardening

A she shed is located in the garden shed in the backyard. One of the reasons women hang out there is because of their gardening activities. They have their tools and garden supplies in the shed, which is why they spend most of their time in the shed when gardening. This instance is probably the reason why women invented the term she shed.

  • Decorating

If you go online and search for “she sheds,” you would find pictures of the most unique and gorgeous she sheds. Women love to decorate things, and she sheds are not an exception. I like how creative they can be with their beloved spaces. It is like a realistically sized dollhouse that girls always wanted when they were young. Some she sheds are even inspired by movies like Snow White and Lord of the Rings.

  • Wine tasting

Some girls just want to relax and unwind after a long day at work or doing errands with the kids. A she shed is an ideal place to be alone or have wine parties with friends. They can sip a little wine and enjoy a little friendly gossip.

  • Yoga

The scenery of being in a garden can be the best place for meditation. Women can relax and let the negative spirits out of their bodies through a little session of yoga. They can take a breath of fresh air while meditating and refresh for another day and week of duties and responsibilities.

  • Breastfeeding in peace

A new mom can take advantage of the peacefulness of a garden she shed. She can use her shed as her own private place to breastfeed her newborn child in peace. She could also do it in the room, but a she shed would be more relaxing. Plus, it gives the new mom and the baby quality time.

  • Writing a novel

Women with day jobs sometimes cannot find the time or place to finish a novel or short story they are working on. A she shed can be a place to inspire creativity and focus. With a private spot, there are no distractions that can help her finish writing the novel. Maybe one day, she can even quit her job and focus on becoming a full-time writer.

  • Painting

Just like writing, a she shed can be used for art as well. The ambiance of a she shed can help people be more artistic. A person’s imagination can be triggered when left alone in a space that is intended for the purpose. The plants in the garden can be very inspiring, and people can even paint them.


There are a lot of reasons for you to get a man cave. If you are on the fence of building yourself the perfect man cave, here are some ideas that will help you decide. A man cave is not just a place, but rather a peace of mind. You spend every day working hard to get by or to raise a family. It is nice to have a place to come home and relax at the end of the day or week. A man cave is similar to having a treehouse when you were a kid. A place where you and your friends can play and have fun and meaningful, or meaningless conversations to pass the time.


Whether you stress from your job, your boss, or from doing the same routine over and over for a while, getting a man cave can help relieve stress. Piling a lot of pressure is bad for the health and your overall well-being. A man cave is a place to ease this stress by doing anything your passionate about. Whatever it is that you do to relieve stress, such as watching a good movie or listening to music can be done in your man cave.


A man cave is not only meant for fun and games. You can use your man cave as your home gym room. Depending on the size of the space, you can put various gym equipment to stay fit in the comfort of your home.


Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. All the aspects add up to the condition of your overall well-being. By relieving your stress and having a place to relax and stay fit, you are contributing to the wellness of your mental state.


Whether you are a writer, musician, or painter. Your man cave is the perfect place to express yourself through your desired form of art. The solitude can help crank out those ideas and turn them into a song, a book, or a painting.


A man cave is not only for yourself. It can be a place to host parties and hangouts with your friends if you want to. You and your buddies can enjoy all the fun and games you set up in the man cave. It is pleasant to have personal time, but it is always amusing to have company from time to time.


The games, activities, and equipment you acquire for your man cave say a lot about who you are. The man cave is the extension of yourself through the hobbies and games you love. Whether you have the ultimate man cave with tons of fun and games, or the pure man cave with what the things that you love the most, it is essential that the space you created feeds your soul with the happiness it deserves. I hope these ideas help you decide on what theme you want for your man cave. Enjoy!

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