Can you Get a Pool Table in the Basement?

As you know, a man cave is a place you spend time with to relax, especially if you had a long day or week at work. It is a suitable place for you, and your friends can hang out and fun activities. Most man caves have poker tables and ping-pong tables. Those tables can easily fit through the stairs with no problem. For something as big as a pool table, it makes me wonder how it can fit through the stairs and down to the basement.

The answer is yes. There are several ways to move a pool table from one place to another. If you already have a pool table at home and want to move it down to the basement, you should learn how to take it apart and put it back together. When you buy a pool table, ask the store which particular place of the house you want to put it. Some stores will help you install the pool table when you have it delivered at home.


Before thinking about getting a pool table for your man cave, make sure the pool table fits. Pool tables are usually massive, and you want your space to accommodate the pool table as well as have enough space to play pool with friends. You want to have at least 4 feet of clearance between the table and the walls to be able to move comfortably.

If you were thinking about getting a pool table, maybe you do have enough space. It is better to measure the area first before going to a store and buying your pool table. You can search for pool tables at your local sporting good stores. If they have a website, you can check online for the sizes of pool tables they sell first to save you time.

Your man cave is going to have a lot of fun activities and equipment. Make sure when you get a pool table, you still have enough space for all your other things. When you get a pool table, make sure you get all the accessories such as cue sticks, and pool table lights.

Helpful tip: Make sure the floor which you will place the table on is leveled perfectly for more accurate pool playing. To do this, you can use your iPhone’s measuring app.


There are several ways to measure the space of your room. The easiest way is with your iPhone. The new iOS 12 includes a new feature with AR measuring. Just point your camera to specific points of the space to measure the sq. Feet area.

You can also do it the old school way by using your tape measure. Make sure you list down the measurement in feet and inches. When you buy products in the United States, they usually list down the customary units instead of the metric system. You may also use the metric system units in case you are buying from overseas.


Large pool tables will not fit down the stairs going to your basement. Even if it provides, it will be difficult to carry down. The risk of breaking the pool table and your bones are not worth it.

However, if your basement stairs and doors are wide enough, you can still transport your pool table by sliding it down a cloth while supporting the whole thing. I don’t suggest this method as you might get hurt. Do ask a friend for help when you consider doing this option. This job will be more comfortable with 3-4 people.


  • Standard

The standard size of a pool table that is used in competitions is 8 feet in length. This table is the perfect size of a pool table for both beginners and pros alike. You can play 8-ball and 9-ball easily. The standard size is suitable for your home billiard table.

  • Large

The large billiard table usually spans out up to 9 feet in length. This size might not be a suitable size for your basement. It is a professional size that takes a lot more skill and mastery to be able to play pool. The advantage of a larger pool table is when all the balls spread out when you break.

  • Bar sized pool table

The bar standard is 7 feet in length. The reason for a much shorter table is so that they have more space for more pool tables. Billiard bars have a lot of pool tables where you can play. It is just fun to make great shots at a bar and impress your friends. This size will be a good fit for your man cave. It is easier to transport and does not take a lot of space for your other activities.

  • Mini

A mini pool table maybe not the table you are looking for in your man cave. You will not be able to play a serious game on mini pool tables. Perhaps you can have one for your children so that they won’t mess around with the big boy pool table in your man cave.


There are several pool table styles and features you may want to consider before buying one. You can pick which table style you want for your man cave. You can choose from a wide variety of styles that you think would look appropriate for your basement.


  • Modern

A modern pool table will look beautiful in a contemporary style house. The modern style gives out a modern vibe, and it is pleasing to the eye.

  • Contemporary

A Contemporary pool table is sleeker and more straightforward. It is usually painted with bold colors and has straight lines. If you like minimalistic designs, this pool table is for you.

  • Traditional

The traditional billiard table will look like the tables that you see in most old bars and pool houses. It is the typical pool table in the cabins that you visit in the holidays. It has visual designs on the legs made with solid wood. It usually has a natural wood finish or a mahogany color stain.


  • Auto ball return

This feature has a pocket system that returns the pocketed balls straight to the drawer. It is a nice feature that makes collecting the balls a lot easier and set up the table for the next game.

  • Hidden drawers

A neat feature is to have hidden drawers where you can store your pool accessories. It will be convenient, and it will make your space tidier.


There are a couple of ways to move a pool table. One will require the help of two or more people, and the other one will need tools and meticulous work.

The first way is to use dollies for each leg. You can rent the dolly carts you need from moving services like U-HAUL and many more. With this method, you need help from two and more people to lift each leg of the pool table. This way is probably not the ideal method to transport the table to a basement floor.

The second method is an ideal way. It may be a lot of work, but it is the safest way to move your pool table to your man cave. You have to take your pool table apart and rebuild it in the desired space you want. This method will require meticulous work and knowledge with the necessary tools. Here are the steps to do this:

  • Remove the pocket nets first.
  • Detach the rails. Usually, the rails are held together by locking nuts.
  • Free the felt by removing the staples underneath the table.
  • Separate the slate from the wooden table part.
  • Now, try to look for any locking nuts and remove them to detach the legs.
  • Level and measure the desired space you wish to assemble the table
  • Try to rebuild the table the exact opposite way you tore it down.
  • When you place the slate, make sure that it is all level. You can use a pool ball to see if there are any uneven spots.
  • Make sure there are no creases or wrinkles on the felt to ensure smooth play.
  • Rebuild the rest, including the rails and pockets, and you’re good to go!

The third option is when you are buying a new table. Tell the store to assemble the table in the exact spot you want it. this will save you a lot of time and will lessen your work.


You may want to try a conversion type of table for your man cave. This type of pool table can convert to a regular schedule where you can play card games. It can also transform into a ping-pong or air hockey table. Here is an example of a 7-foot conversion table that is suitable for a man cave. Conversion tables are reasonably priced for the level of enjoyment it can bring.


(Price: $1,200)

The Hathaway Park Avenue is a 3-in-one table that combines classic pool games, table tennis, and a nice dining table for you and the boys. It has a sturdy construction that is quality engineered with the most secure materials. The high-quality felt of the pool table feels perfect for playing smoothly. The roller bumpers bounce accurately.

The package comes with:

  • Two 57” pool cues
  • Complete pool ball set
  • Cue chalk
  • Table tennis net
  • Two paddles
  • Two table tennis balls
  • Table tennis top
  • Dining tabletop



Now that you have a pool table in your basement, it will look better if you get some of these accessories and maintenance equipment. Here are some accessories that you might want to add to your pool table:

  • Pool table brush
  • Pool ball cleaners
  • Billiard scoreboard
  • Talc and talc holders
  • Pool table lights
  • Pool table full accessory kit


Always ask your buddies for help when moving heavy objects. There is no harm for a man to ask for little help. Asking buddies for help on a Sunday can be a short get together and bonding time as well. It’s another excuse to kick it with the boys and get stuff done. If you happen to ask for help and they agree, you could at least get the beer.


The best and safest way to transport a pool table to your basement is by taking it apart piece by piece and putting it back together in the desired area. It is an excellent addition to your man cave. You can enjoy a little friendly game with friends and have so much fun with a pool table. The best thing about having one at home is that you can practice in your spare time. The next time your buddies come and visit, no one can beat you!

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