How to Hear Your Doorbell from the Basement?

Sometimes when you are in your man cave get caught up in what you are doing, not minding the outside world. You might not be able to hear the doorbell while you are in your zone. There are several ways to solve this problem with the use of modern technology.

You can hear the doorbell from the basement by doing these two things:

  1. Buy a WIFI doorbell or other modern doorbell products
  2. Install a doorbell chime extension with or without wires.

Buying a modern WIFI doorbell with an HD camera is the pricier choice than the latter. But if you still want to keep the old school doorbell chime, you can add a doorbell chime extension for less money and just a little more work for installation.


Several new types of doorbells are integrated with new technology such as Bluetooth and WIFI. If you don’t want something too advanced, you can opt to buy loud doorbell ringers so you can hear the door ring in the comfort of your man cave. Although you wouldn’t want to get startled with the piercing ring when you are close to the door.

New doorbells such as WIFI connected doorbells are very innovative products. With features such as a camera peephole, and two-way talk receivers that directly notifies you through your mobile device is quite a significant advancement in technology. These days are far from the old “knock knock who’s there” type of situation. This modern age has brought us to an “Alexa, who is at the door?”  kind of world. It is truly amazing where technology is ending up, and I guess it won’t stop there.

WIFI camera doorbells are not only helpful for when you are chilling in the basement. WIFI cameras work wherever you are, as long as you have a data connection. It can be useful to see and talk to the person at the door, without having to open it. 



(Price: $200)

With the Ringer Smart Doorbell, you can upgrade your peephole with a 1080p High-Definition camera. The camera enables you to see, hear, ad talk to the person behind the door. You can also get alerts on your mobile device when someone knocks, presses the doorbell, and trigger the motion sensors. The method is straightforward to install without the need for drilling and wiring. The device works with Alexa so that you can activate the features with a voice command.

To install the ring, it just takes about five to fifteen minutes, depending on the model you purchase. The Ringer pro takes much more time for installation because of its advanced motion detection system and the hardwires.

The Ringer also provides surveillance services that allow you to record the footage from the peephole camera to provide better protection for your home. The cost is $3 per month for one camera and $10 for the whole house.

Overall this is just a fantastic doorbell that provides extra safety and security to your home. There are about four different types of the AMAZON RINGER. Here is a chart to compare the differences and decide which is relevant for you:

Price $100 $170 $200 $210
Video Resolution 720p HD 1080p HD 1080p HD 1080p HD
Power Source Battery or hardwired Battery or hardwired Battery Hardwired
Field of view 180 degrees horizontal and 110 degrees vertical 160 degrees horizontal and 90 degrees vertical 155 degrees horizontal and 90 degrees vertical 160 degrees horizontal and 90 degrees vertical
Average install time 5 Mins 5 Mins 5 Mins 15 Mins
Dimensions 4.9”x 2.4”x 0.87” 5”x 2.5”x 1”     2.26”x 4.40”x 1.16” (indoors) and 1.85” x 3.83” x 0.78” (outdoors) 4.5”x 1.8”x 0.8”
WIFI 2.4GHz 2.4GHz 2.4GHz 2.4 to 5GHz
On-demand video YES YES YES YES
Two-way Talk YES YES YES YES
Motion-activated alerts YES YES YES YES
Interchangeable faceplates   YES   YES
Quick-release rechargeable battery pack   YES YES  
Knock detection     YES  
Advanced motion detection       YES

If you want a solution for a lower price, you can always tr these products:


(Price: $30)

The NOVETE doorbell kit is a wireless doorbell set up without any of the fancy cameras and voice activation. It is a simple but modern doorbell. The design is very futuristic, so make sure it fits your home’s aesthetic before purchasing this item.


  • Lifetime worry-free guarantee
  • Ultra-long wireless technology ranges up to 1,300 feet
  • 53 pleasant chimes with volume adjustment
  • LED indicator
  • Robust push button
  • 3-year battery life guaranteed
  • Easy to install, plug the receiver and stick the main doorbell with adhesive or screws included


A doorbell extension can be used if you want to stick to your functional old doorbell. You will have to purchase a second receiver and install it in your man cave. Sometimes you do not have your phone with you all the time, so the old school way of doorbell receiving will make a more suitable choice for you.

For this option, you will need to wire a new receiver, or you can buy a new system that has wireless receivers just like the NOVETE doorbell kit. Sometimes wires are more reliable than wireless technology. The cables ensure the communication of the doorbell to the receiver. It may be much longer to install because you have to have a long wire for your extension, and you don’t want wires exposed as it may not look neat in your home.

There are specific products that you can use with your existing doorbell, so you do not have to get a new one. I suggest you get chime extenders, so you do not have to get a new doorbell system. There are specific chime extenders that are wireless, but you have the option to connect it to your previous wired network. You do not have to purchase a new system, and that will save you time and money.

These chime extensions are effortless to install. You do not need to hire a licensed electrician to do the job. You will never miss a delivery again, even if you are in the comfort of your man cave. You can install more extensions so you can hear the doorbell ring wherever you are in the house.

When you purchase a chime extension, it will usually come with two parts, the chime speaker itself, plus the wireless receiver that connects to your existing doorbell. With this extension, you will never miss a visitor when you are in your mancave, and never wonder why the pizza delivery never came. It probably happened, in my opinion; you did not hear it from the basement.



Both options are safe and reliable. The advanced option has more extensive safety options. You wouldn’t worry about stranger danger when you are not at home because of the advanced motion detectors. Even when you are not around, you can ensure your children’s safety and check whoever knocks and lurks behind your front door. You will get notified if anyone suspicious is lurking at your front door. You can view the camera anytime and anywhere with the features of modern doorbells and peepholes like the RINGER.

The cheaper option would be getting extension chimes. It is more reliable in terms of durability. Modern systems such as the RRinger will not work if your WIFI is down so that reliability can be compromised. However, with your old doorbell, it might have been working for years even without the existence of the modern camera doorbell systems. 


The best alternative is to track packages on your phone. Nowadays, anything can be tracked with your smartphone. You can track packages and food deliveries. You don’t need to hear the doorbell ring to know where your items are.

If you are expecting a visitor, I’m sure you can message each other via text or mobile messaging apps. The only thing you will miss is some people selling products and unexpected guests.


If it is not broken, don’t fix it. If you have a fully-functional working doorbell, why replace it with a new one? Although there are a lot of advantages with modern technology, the style of contemporary doorbells might not fit your house style. If you have the money, you can buy a new doorbell system so you can get notified when you are in the man cave. If you don’t want to spend money, you can purchase chime extensions. Either way will work fine. So sit back and relax in the comfort of your space and never miss a doorbell again.

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