What is a Good Size for a Man Cave? (ideas for all sizes)

Before starting to build your man cave by finishing off your basement or garage, you need to know what the ideal size will be. You don’t want to create a man cave and not be able to fit the equipment you are planning to put in the area. It is always better to plan everything first before biting off more than you can chew. Here are some guidelines and a couple of tips to give you an idea of what the best size is for your man cave.

The best size for a man cave depends on what the purpose is. If you plan on building a full-blown man cave with a pool table, a home theater, a bar, and a music studio, you will obviously need a bigger room. However, there aren’t any strict rules about the size of a man cave. You can do a lot of things with the size of the room you already have.

Your purpose can be either having room to escape reality. A place you can call your own does not have any strict rules on what content it should have. The room only requires you to relieve stress and to be happy. The man cave is made for you to replenish and restart before tackling the next challenges this world throws at you.

With that being said, think about what things you do to relieve stress. Think it is a thing that you can do in a room in your house. Do you have an available room in the house to build your man cave? It does not have to the basement; you can choose any empty room for yourself away from what is going on in your home.


Choose a spare room in the house. It can either be the garage or the basement. If the basement is not finished, you can choose another extra room, or try to finish the basement. Either way, having a place is an ideal man cave. If you select an empty living space in the house, you cannot consider it a man cave without any doors and boundaries for privacy.

The room has to be a room you have consent to use. Before getting a man cave, you have to discuss it with your spouse or partner if you have one. If you do not have a spouse yet, make sure your housemates know that you are planning to build a man cave. It is good to set boundaries before starting to develop and design the man cave.


The ideal size of your man cave depends on what you are planning to do with it. There is no such thing as a man cave that is too small or too big. The ideal man cave size depends on you and the activities you plan on doing once you have a man cave.

It is all about the purpose. Reading, writing, watching movies, and drinking alone does not require much space. If you plan to have a lot of company, you will need the extra space so that you and your friends can be comfortable. If your small space for doing activities, it might add more stress instead of lessening it. Remember, the goal is to destress and refresh.


Depending on the size and location of the room, you can use it as a man cave. It is quite evident that If the room is small, the activities and equipment are limited. A good rule is to think of items that are for relaxation first before adding big things such as pub games. Think of a Lazy boy perhaps, an average recliner measures about 41 x 40 x 41 inches. It could go up to 70 inches when it is fully reclined. That alone takes up about six and a half feet in length.

That chair would take up significant space, but if that is all you need to relax, then you’re good with the spare room in your house. You can probably even add a TV or computer so that you can watch your favorite movies. You also need to think about the budget you have for this project. If a room is smaller, you do not need that big of a budget when it comes to the number of appliances you want to purchase for your man cave.


A garage is a suitable place to set up as a man cave. It has space, and only little finishing is needed to polish the area. The only problem with using your garage as a man cave is where to park the cars. However, if you are much of a car guy and plan to do any car or motorcycle projects, you may have found your perfect man cave spot.

If your man cave focuses on playing around with cars, you do not need a lot of finishing to do. The garage has the space to work on cars. All you need is a spot to organize all the different tools you need for automotive work. If you have a big enough garage, you can also throw a little other essential man cave equipment in there.

If you are putting something like an entertainment center in the garage, you must do a little finishing such as flooring, ceilings, and ventilation. You can put flooring on the side where you will add the entertainment center. The other half for cars does not need any adjustments for flooring.


For me, the basement is an ideal space for a man cave. A basement gives out the man cave vibe. It is located underground just like a cave, and it usually has a lot more room for your things. If it is not finished yet, finishing the basement is an activity you can enjoy doing. Building your own space can be fulfilling. Plus, any DIY project gives you the feeling of being productive, which can lead you to relieve the stress even before having the man cave.

A basement can easily be the size of your house as the foundations and shape of the house is usually built from bottom up. The basement will be like another floor. It can be considered as a new floor of the house if you can get all the permits you need to finish the basement off. Adding another deck will significantly improve the value of your home when you decide to sell it.

If you don’t have the permits, you will have to tear down the remodeling you did if you decide to sell the house and move. It is always better to do things the proper way. It is such a waste of money if you tear down something that you worked so hard to build.


There can be a lot of uses for owning a man cave. It will only depend on what you love to do. If you plan on hosting parties in your man cave, you will need a fridge for beer and a bar to look good. Getting a permit before working on anything regarding construction and house remodeling. The dream man cave can have a lot of stuff for you to enjoy and relax.

You can build a man cave for all sorts of things such as a home movie theater, a home music studio, or you can also turn it into an all-around adult gamin area to play your gaming consoles without any interference. You can even turn sections of your man cave into separate man cave areas. You can create a relaxing space, an office, a recording studio, and a play area. If you have more space, you can create different sections in your man cave, depending on your personality and hobbies.



You can put a pool table and some darts. A bar is also suitable for a PUB-style man cave. You will need room to play pool, and distance to throw darts safely. The official dart distance is 7 feet 9 ¼ inches. The standard size of the pool table is 8 feet. The cue stick is about 60 inches long so that you will need about 14 feet by 18 feet of free space for a play pool comfortably.


For a garage man cave, you will need space for your car or motorcycle and extra space for tools. You will also need a little bit of space to work on your project cars. A single garage space is 12’ by 22’. Multiplying that by ½ should be enough space to work with. 18 feet by 33 feet should be enough space to work on a single car or motorcycle.


The size of the TV should be fit for the distance of viewing. A TV that is too big will not give you the experience you are looking for. For 1080p TVs, the suggested interval for watching is the TV size multiplied by 2.5. If you have a 65-inch, the correct distance should be at 162.5 inches. (13 1/5 feet)

4K resolution TVs have a different formula. Instead of multiplying the TV size by 2.5, you multiply it by 1.5. The right distance for a 65-inch 4K UHD TV is 97.5 inches. (8 feet) You should measure the TV spot to the other end of the wall to determine what TV size you should purchase. Always allow extra space for adjustment. In a home theater or gaming room, you need to feel like you have the best seats in the movie theater.

  • BAR

A bar can either be in a small man cave or a big man cave. The size will depend on how many people will you accommodate. A bar area big enough for four people should be at least 112 by 105 inches.


If you want to add a foosball table, you will need 12 by 6 feet of space to play comfortably. This distance is the ideal space you need for the foosball table alone.


The ideal poker playing area for a full game with 6-8 people is 9 by 9 feet. You can also get one of those conversions tables I listed in the recommended products section. The table can be converted from a pool table to a ping-pong and dining table. This table can be used as a card game table. All you need to do is add felt for the casino vibe.



The space that you need for a recording studio in the man cave depends on the gear you have. A straightforward music studio consists of a computer and the essential equipment that fits on the desk. A full studio for the rehearsal will require more space for the drum kit and guitar amplifiers. The ideal space for an entire studio is 12 feet by 22 feet.


A pure art studio can be small or big, depending on how big the pieces you plan on working on. If you paint on a canvass, you will need space for a stand and the canvass. Allow extra space for your finished pieces. You can also use a wall to hang some of them for display and save space.


A Cigar room would not take up a lot of space. However, you will need extra space, so you and your cigar buds don’t suffocate with all the smoke. 7 by 7 feet should be enough space with the table and about 4 people.


Creating office space should not take much space. All you are going to need is space for an excellent desk and extra space for a minibar and couch. You can decorate the space for inspiration when you work at home. You can also turn a wall into a mini library for books.



(price: $686)

A reclining chair will fit in most man caves. If it does not provide in your perspective man cave, maybe the room cannot be your man cave. But then again, it is up to you. This chair is designed to bring you maximum comfort for reading or watching TV. The name LA-Z-BOY holds up to its purpose. You can fall asleep with this thing and get nothing done. You may not get to be productive for those hours, but you will get to relax.


(Price: $1,200)

The Hathaway Park Avenue is a 3-in-one table that combines classic pool games, table tennis, and a nice dining table for you and the boys. It has a sturdy construction that is quality engineered with the most secure materials. The high-quality felt of the pool table feels perfect for playing smoothly. The roller bumpers bounce accurately.

The package comes with:

  • Two 57” pool cues
    • Complete pool ball set
    • Cue chalk
    • Table tennis net
    • Two paddles
    • Two table tennis balls
    • Table tennis top
    • Dining tabletop

(Price: $530)

TV prices have inevitably dropped in the last ten years. There are so many good TVs you can get for under $1000, including this TCL. This TV is ROKU powered smart TV where you can stream up to 500,000 movies and TV episodes using ROKU TV. This TV is also compatible with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant.


(Price: $890)

Another TV in Samsung’s eight series, The Curved 65-inch 4K Ultra is on good-looking television. The curve looks fantastic. The curve adds a particular effect to the viewing experience. For under $1000, this TV has it all. It has Dynamic Crystal Color that has millions of new shades. It has the Bixby voice command and voice assistance. Voice commands are such a revolutionary way of watching your favorite shows and streaming your favorite movies.


(Price: $200)

This product is an excellent package for your man cave theatre system. It comes with a subwoofer for higher intensity bass and surrounds sound. This speaker has a smart sound technology feature that automatically analyzes the content and matches the suitable equalization for the best experience possible. It also has Bluetooth connectivity for your phone or any mobile device. It is optimized for all Samsung TVs.

For tips on how to choose the right size of television for your man cave, click here.



Expanding a basement is possible, but you will need to consider factors such as safety, legality, and your budget. I suggest that you hire a professional to ensure that it is safe. Sometimes foundations of the house rely on the structure of the original basement, and the soil you are about to dig up. Before doing anything, and I cannot stress this enough, hire a professional to do the inspection. And if you do have the experience, you can take it from there.



Consider the safety of the operation and how it will affect the overall stature of the house. If not, you can always try other ways for expansion such as excavating your lawn where the house foundations are not affected. Your home is safely situated on the soil underneath, so digging up crawl space for a basement expansion will require extensive knowledge of construction.

If you are an experienced contractor or engineer, you must make sure that the construction is safe.  You need to ensure you and your family’s safety. You can always do the job yourself if you know the right procedure.

Safety will include getting the right safety equipment for the people involved, including yourself. If you lead the project, consider purchasing the right tools for the job. The right tools will consist of all the safety gear such as hard hats, safety boots, eye protection, and gloves.


The proper training for construction work is another safety factor. If you are not adequately trained to operate any heavy machinery; I suggest you take a course on how to properly use the equipment. Safety is not limited to knowing how to operate heavy machinery. There are specific topics such as hazard identification and learning how to maneuver and troubleshoot heavy equipment. 

When operating heavy equipment, wear the right gear for the job. You must also visually inspect the equipment before using it. And most of all, only use the machine for its intended purpose. Each piece of machinery is designed for a specific task. The manufacturer’s warning signs on a piece of equipment is not a suggestion. You have to follow the safety guides and instructions strictly.


Now that you have considered the safety of the operation, you can move on to the next part. You should inspect how your house was built and supports the house. Determine the possible course of action. To determine where you want the expansion to take place, you have to find out which zone is safe for excavation.

When a house is built, the basement and the soil surrounding it is the original plan of supporting the building. Any expansions are sometimes not included in the program because some houses are built as it is. There are different types of house foundation. The type of foundation is based on several factors, such as the geographical location, climate, soil, and moisture.

The full basement foundation is one of the most convenient ways of building a house. It gives you extra living space almost the size of the entire house space. The main objective of finishing with a full basement is the extra living space. In this case, your man cave is the best thing you got out of having basement space.


Be aware of your surroundings when you will start the construction. Once you have all the permits to begin construction, strictly follow the parameters to make sure you will not disturb anyone in the neighborhood. If the license says do not work at night, it is because of the loud noise of construction equipment. You should follow that so that you would not get complaints and ultimately not be able to finish the expansion.

Digging a new basement will produce a lot of soil and dirt. Make sure that you dispose of the ground properly and not make a mess on the public roads or your neighbors’ lawn. You should respect the boundaries and scope of the legal permits given to you.


If your basement already has a bathroom or water supply, you don’t need to add any pipes. Installing pipes for a new water supply will take a lot of work. If you are expanding for extra space, do not mind the correctly working pipelines.

If your expansion happens to affect a significant pipeline going to the basement, you should choose a different spot if possible. If it is not possible to change the location, you must hire a professional plumber to rearrange the septic tank system and piping.


 A living space should have proper ventilation. It can be dangerous to add extra space with no room for air. If you have the extra budget, have your extra basement space covered by your home’s centralized air conditioning. If not, you must consider doing all the necessary steps for proper ventilation. 

To properly ventilate a basement, you should add windows for natural ventilation. This method reduces electricity usage. Windows should be strategically placed so that it can be open and closed. Having proper ventilation will eliminate bad odor from mold build-up. The EPA suggests that homeowners properly ventilate their basement so that residents can breathe fresh air while in the basement. Fresh air also inhibits mold and mildew growth.


Some basement can get sunlight if a window or transparent roof is placed where the soil meets the open space. The advantage of getting sunlight is to reduce energy consumption. Having sunlight hit the basement will also make it feel livelier. You can either get sunlight by installing windows or by using sun tubes.


Expanding a basement will be a lot of work, which means that it will cost a lot of money. Be prepared to spend a lot of money. Remember to prepare more money than what is estimated by the contractor you hired. By digging up the foundations of a house, you will surely discover unexpected repairs. You might find hidden leaks and more.


Finishing a basement off will sometimes require a permit for construction, especially if you will be working on the electricity and water pipes. If you hire a professional to do the job, part of their job is to get the necessary working permits from the building department or county registrar.


Getting a permit depends on which county you live in. In some areas in the United States, the proper height of a room should be 7 feet and higher. But you can still try to get a permit if you will finish the low ceiling basement.

To get a permit you will need to go to your country clerk’s office, fill out the forms, and pay the fee. In some states, you can get the permit as soon as you leave the building. If you hire a professional to do the work, it is part of their job to get them working licenses for you.


The ideal size of the room will always depend on its purpose. It is not a good idea to toss all the essential equipment without proper planning because rather than lessening stress, a cramped-up room can add more weight to what you are already experiencing. I hope this article gave you an idea of what the room size of your man cave should be. Have fun planning and building the right man cave for you!

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